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Vaccines Technology Transfer: the foundation for a new era of vaccine production

This whitepaper provides an overview of the technology transfer process and describes the development and optimization of a platform to manufacture a vaccine for tropical diseases.

Vaccine Maker’s Toolkit: Strategies For Manufacturing And Supply Management

This collection of insights, produced through a partnership between

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
and Bioprocess Online, highlights strategies and guidance to ensure reliable biomanufacturing capacity and supply chains for the delivery of health technologies like vaccines, even during crisis conditions.

Improved endotoxin removal using ecofriendly detergents for intensified plasmid capture

Purification efficiency evaluated endotoxin and host cell protein (HCP) clearance, plasmid yield, potential interference of the detergents with analytical in-process control assays, and overall process compatibility, and this comprehensive screening approach provides valuable insights to intensified plasmids production.

Biopharma’s evolution: learnings from the pandemic for a revived regulatory landscape

The covid-19 pandemic forced rapid vaccine development and market approval, shortening a process that normally takes years to just a few months. This experience raises a tantalising question: can such speed be sustained for other treatments?

Post Pandemic: How a new era of supplier-vender collaboration is transforming Biopharma

Check out this article where

‘s Eva Schaefer, Director of Supply Robustness, and Tom Elich, MSAT Manager, discuss how industry collaboration has never been more important.

Neglected Tropical Diseases — Improving the Manufacturing Paradigm for a Novel Recombinant Protein Vaccine

Vaccine Development collaboration: from Schistosomiasis to COVID-19 vaccine.

Optimize Vaccine Production with Templated Processes

A wide range of novel vaccine modalities and conventional approaches are used to prevent and reduce the impact of infection. Adoption of templated manufacturing processes tailored to the specific modality can optimize and accelerate production workflows.

Vaccines are entering a new era and recently we hosted a virtual event to share insights on market trends, challenges, and potential solutions regarding the future of vaccine manufacturing.

In this On-Demand version of the presentations, key opinion leaders from

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
, Hileman Laboratories Singapore, Baylor College of Medicine or Biofarma, provide a fascinating story of the behind of the scenes development of the recent pandemic and how long-term collaboration to optimize a neglected tropical disease vaccine platform transformed into the COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

mRNA Process and Cost Modeling: A Tool to Optimize Process Development

mRNA technology has proven to enable rapid drug development. mRNA is an attractive modality to work with because of its relative simplicity compared to other biologics; it is wholly synthetic and does not require cellular materials.

Want to Increase your pDNA purity and Yields? Optimize Your pDNA Downstream Purification Process

Get a step-by-step overview of the plasmid DNA manufacturing process and the challenges in pDNA downstream purification, for mRNA, plasmid-based DNA Vaccines, and Viral Vector applications.

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