Biotech Bootcamp winner Fusix Biotech GmbH in interview

by Tanja Knoll | September 27, 2022

Bootcamp Winner Fusix Biotech GmbH visiting M Lab™ Collaboration Center

The Biotech Bootcamp, which is run in partnership with SmiLe and BioM, provides valuable support in a group or one-on-one setting, with a mix of live and recorded lectures, expert Q&As, panel discussions, personalized mentorship, and pitch trainings. Each participant has access to a personal mentor and pitch coach to provide support throughout the program. You can find more information on the program here: Biotech Bootcamp – Map your path from lab to market, in 8 weeks (

In 2021, the winner of the program was Fusix Biotech GmbH. As a sponsor of last year’s bootcamp event, we recently sat down with Fusix Biotech to discuss last year’s bootcamp experience and their visit to our M Lab™ Collaboration Center in Molsheim, France.

Can you tell us about the important work being done at Fusix Biotech?

“Fusix Biotech is developing a next-generation immunotherapy based on a hybrid oncolytic virus platform that features a unique mechanism of action through tumor cell fusion that enhances safety and efficacy in clinical applications. The fusion process allows easy spread throughout the tumor and induces an immunogenic cell death that can activate a powerful secondary anti-tumor immune response. Jennifer Altomonte is the inventor of this technology and has extensive experience in the field of oncolytic virotherapy as a group leader at the Technical University of Munich. Teresa Krabbe joined her in the lab to do her PhD working with the hybrid virus in combination with adoptive T cell therapy. Together with two other founders, Jennifer and Teresa have founded Fusix Biotech GmbH in 2022. They are currently fundraising a series A round to finance production of the lead candidate, clinical approval and implementation of the first in man trial.”

What were your biggest achievements during the eight weeks of the program?

“Participating in the bootcamp was a great experience to validate the business plan we were writing at the time and discuss open questions with experts from different areas. The in-depth feedback we received helped us to optimize our business case and presentation. We could then use this directly in communications with investors to improve our fundraising. Finalizing our business plan with all the input and feedback from the bootcamp, together with winning the M Lab visit, were the biggest achievements for Fusix Biotech at the time.”

Can you tell us more about your experience with our experts during this program?

”Your experts at the Biotech bootcamp provided a great overview of the many aspects of preclinical drug development, as well as insights into venture capital and your view on potential exit scenarios, such as mergers and acquisitions for start-ups. Your team was also very generous in setting up separate meetings to discuss individual questions, and we received great input in terms of virus production capacities at your facilities – even talking to your experts in the US, as well as discussing your portfolio of media formulations and production cell lines.”

Do you have any feedback to share on your visit to our M Lab™ Collaboration Center?

“When we first heard about the M Lab™ Collaboration Center, we were a little unsure of what would be possible there and if we were in the right position to really take advantage of this opportunity, but everyone involved was so dedicated to tailoring our visit to our specific needs. It turned out to be a valuable experience. Great experts joined us in all discussions, so that we received relevant and insightful input regarding current challenges that we are facing. We felt genuinely supported by the experts, who also extended offers to follow up and continue the exchange as our needs evolve. In the end, the visit not only showed us what a possible production line for Fusix Biotech could look like, but even more importantly, it gave us a positive glimpse into the spirit of collaboration in the M Lab™ Collaboration Center.”

Don’t Miss This Year’s Bootcamp. The Biotech bootcamp is renewed for 2022, and you can find more information on their website: Biotech Bootcamp – Map your path from lab to market, in 8 weeks (

This year, attendees will receive 70 mentoring sessions by over 50 business coaches and experts, be assigned a personal mentor and pitch coach, participate in on-site visits to life science hotspots in Germany, access to our digital platform, and develop a peer network, large industry network and Demo Day pitches.

Featured Image for this article includes our MLab™ Collaboration Center in Molsheim, and left to right, Jennifer Altomonte, Andrew Clutterbuck, Teresa Krabbe, Ann-Kathrin Uebele, Ljubomir Grozdev.


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