The Future of Biopharma

by David Gemmell | December 6, 2022


The Chemical Engineering magazine has published its third article of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing series, written by David Gemmell.

In the article “The Future of Biopharma” he explores why the biopharmaceutical industry is driving towards achieving intensified, connected, or continuous, manufacturing processes. He discusses the challenges that must be overcome to be able to operate a controllable process capable of providing high quality therapeutics.

Want to learn more about how the future of Biopharma could look like? Read the third article of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing series here: The Future of Biopharma

David Gemmell has been working for MilliporeSigma for over six years. David is currently employed with the Technical & Scientific Solutions MSAT (Manufacturing Sciences & Technology) department. David’s primary focus is on optimising or troubleshooting downstream purification unit operations for customers, focusing on both novel and traditional modalities, across all purification technologies. He is also the High Temperature Short Time Subject Matter Expert for upstream viral risk mitigation. At University David obtained a BEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering and an MSc in Advanced Chemical & Process Engineering. His early career was based in the nuclear and power generation sectors before moving into biopharmaceutical and life sciences.

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