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by Jessica Hogan | April 19, 2023

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The Current State of Emerging Biotech Venture Capital & How to Successfully Raise Funds
Dr. Anique ter Braake, Biotechnology Associate Analyst, M Ventures

Raising funds from investors for your business can feel like an opaque operation resulting in challenging consequences. However, at its heart, the operation is simple: you are a willing seller (of shares in your company) looking for a willing buyer (for those shares). The challenge is to find the right investors and achieve the best deal to secure your company’s future.

M Ventures has been instrumental in the creation and progress of 80+ global companies, helping advance multiple technologies to launch. This presentation covers the current state of VC investing in Startup Biotech, current trends, types of investors and their preferences, and tips and tricks for the fundraising process.

Breeding Biotechs in a Comprehensive Cancer Center: from Bench to Bedside
Loic Sebileau, Technology Transfer Officer & Industrial Partnership Manager, Leon Berard Comprehensive Cancer Center (CLB) & Cancer Research Center of Lyon 
Nathalie Donne, Co-CEO of ErVaccine
Centre Leon Berard (CLB) has been bringing innovative therapies to the beds of cancer patients for more than 3 decades. The CLB and CRCL teams have focused their efforts on bridging the gap between cutting edge basic research and high standard clinical trials.
More than 15 state of the art Technology Platforms are dedicated to translational research. These allow clinicians and biologists to analyse, understand and mature a wide portfolio of patented innovations. Several startups are created and bred on site every year, benefiting from this cutting edge clinical and scientific expertise. This dynamic environment also supports a growing number of collaborations with major industrial partners.

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