Dr. Julian Mochayedi

Strategic Marketing Manager for mRNA Solutions

Julian is the strategic marketing manager for mRNA solutions and responsible for the strategy development and positioning of the mRNA CDMO offering based on the acquisition of AmpTec GmbH, a leading mRNA CDMO.
Prior to joining

Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, Germany
, he gained experience in translational research with profound expertise in the areas of novel modalities and in vivo gene editing. Julian holds a M.Sc. in bioprocess development and a Ph.D. in translational immunology from Heidelberg University.

Key Benefits of PCR-based mRNA manufacturing for clinical development

mRNA technology offers many opportunities but the development and manufacturing of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics present a number of challenges. Learn more about the opportunities of the mRNA technology and how to overcome drug development and manufacturing challenges to bring your mRNA-based therapies to market in this first webinar.

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