Joséphine Cheng

Senior Consultant, Traditional Modalities Asia, Bioprocessing Strategy

Josephine is a Senior Consultant focusing on Vaccine and mRNA market modalities at

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
, where she leads go-to-market initiatives, fosters collaborations, and transforms insights into sustainable business strategies.  With over 15 years of international biopharma working experience, Josephine has accumulated practical industry knowledge and technical skills from various positions ranging from R&D, Application, Training, Marketing, and Strategy.  Josephine holds a Msc degree in Bio-resources & Agriculture from the National Taiwan University, focusing on protein & molecular science.

How to model the Economics of Vaccine Manufacturing

This whitepaper describes the development and use of a cost model encompassing capital, labor, materials, consumables, and other costs, which are five key parameters of manufacturing for a variety of vaccine modalities: vaccines which use inactivated and attenuated viruses, protein subunit vaccines, virus-like particles (VLP) vaccines, Viral vector vaccines, and mRNA vaccines.

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