Lynn Stephenson, PhD

BioProcessing Supply Security Senior Marketing Manager

BioProcessing Supply Security Senior Marketing Manager

Lynn Stephenson, PhD, joined

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
, then Sigma-Aldrich, after completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Washington University in Immunology. She has experience in the In Vitro Diagnostics and Bioprocessing markets with roles that include product management, program management, and marketing with focuses on supply chain, quality and regulatory topics.

Coming Full Circle with Biopharma Recycling

This post discusses the environmental challenges posed by the Biopharmaceutical industry’s heavy reliance on single-use systems and the resulting plastic waste. It highlights the industry’s quest for sustainable solutions through advanced recycling methods to achieve circularity.

Climate Neutrality in the Biopharma Industry, How Do We Get There?

To achieve climate target goals, Life Science companies need to put sustainability at the front of business decisions.

Can we change the Biopharma Supply Chain Game so that Everyone Gets a Trophy?

There is a popular board game based on a global disease outbreak that is generally rated 5 stars.  As for the real Covid-19 pandemic, it would be hard to find a single person in the Biopharma industry who would give the supply chain performance during the pandemic that kind of high review.

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