Biopharma’s evolution: learnings from the pandemic for a revived regulatory landscape

by Carole Inglevert | November 3, 2023

The covid-19 pandemic forced rapid vaccine development and market approval, shortening a process that normally takes years to just a few months. This experience raises a tantalising question: can such speed be sustained for other treatments?

To help answer the question,

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
sponsored a report by Economist Impact exploring how stakeholders were able to move so quickly during a global crisis. The main takeaways: policy choices that sustain global bio-manufacturing networks, regulatory streamlining, supply chain resilience, technical support, data science to anticipate and manage supply chain risks, and the many changes in process applied during the pandemic that could aid the development of future medicines, especially with the help of advanced manufacturing.

So important that governments and Geneva negotiators implement R&D and regulatory policies that facilitate public-private collaboration, technology uptake, and bio-infrastructure development.

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Thanks to Jennifer Brant, Oliver A. Prince, Ph.D., Anissa Boumlic-Courtade for the original research; and to Brendan O’Sullivan, Kevin Lardner, Joseph Letterman, Godfrey Firth and Jim Neville for contributing to the analysis.

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