Breaking perceptions of TFF in gene therapy manufacturing

by Ratish Krishnan | June 27, 2023


The tangential flow filtration (TFF) unit operation in viral vector manufacturing is a critical step on the path to commercialization. In this episode, Ratish Krishnan and Akshat Gupta discuss best practices – and common misconceptions – when establishing process conditions and utilizing different TFF device formats.

Below are some of the questions discussed during the podcast:

  • How and why is tangential flow filtration (TFF) used in viral vector manufacturing?
  • What are the main types of TFF formats and membranes used in viral vector purification?
  • What are the key factors and best practices when it comes to designing a TFF step?

Learn how best practices can be applied on different TFF formats to overcome common concerns in viral vectors.

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Senior Strategy Consultant

Ratish Krishnan is a Senior Strategy Consultant in the Novel Modalities BioProcessing group for the Americas. He is passionate about providing solutions to bring treatments to market. A Process Development Scientist by background, he has over 13 years of experience in vaccine, monoclonal antibodies and viral vector modalities from pre-clinical to late stage process characterization, validation and commercialization activities such as BLA authoring.

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