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We invite you to the 4th Annual Biotech Start-up Symposium, a free, two-day event to help Biotech Start-ups navigate their path to commercialization. This Symposium features industry experts who present and discuss various aspects of emerging technologies and the latest trends in their fields.

On November 14th, Day 1, you won’t want to miss the presentation by Dr. Quang Long Pham and Dr. Jana Mahadevan on A Single-Use Scale-Down Solution for Intensified Development

Here is an overview of what will be discussed:

Cell culture media development requires high throughput to generate statistical models capable of identifying critical components that need to be optimized. The Mobius® Breez perfusion microbioreactor system with a 2mL working volume closely mimics a bench-scale bioreactor and addresses the major bottleneck of lacking scale-down model with true perfusion capability in current developmental workflow. In this presentation you will learn about the microbioreactor platform and capabilities, how to integrate the Mobius® Breez System into perfusion media development processes, how to apply the technology to determine CSPR for specific cell lines, and how to predict process scalability attributes.

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Senior Scientist, Cell Culture Development

Dr. Quang Long Pham, Senior Scientist in the Innovation Cell Culture Media Development group focused on delivering perfusion products and process development. He is currently leading a high throughput microfluidic platform technology, a scale-down model for perfusion processes that significantly enhances the capacity of perfusion medium development. Before joining our company, Dr. Pham earned his PhD degree in chemical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and received a postdoctoral training in biomedical engineering at Tufts University.

R&D Manager

Dr. Jana Mahadevan, R&D Manager, leads the Innovation Cell Culture Media Development group to develop next-generation intensified fed-batch and perfusion cell culture products. Her focus and passion are on identifying new disruptive technologies, innovative solutions and strategically employing these in the development, improvement, and optimization of processes to make better scientific decisions with a purpose towards continuous manufacturing. Before joining our company in 2017, Dr. Jana Mahadevan earned her PhD degree in Biochemistry and received a postdoctoral training in islet cell biology and regenerative-based therapies for rare Endoplasmic reticulum stress-related neurodegenerative diseases at Washington University School of Medicine.

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