Dr. Jana Mahadevan

R&D Manager

Dr. Jana Mahadevan, R&D Manager, leads the Innovation Cell Culture Media Development group to develop next-generation intensified fed-batch and perfusion cell culture products. Her focus and passion are on identifying new disruptive technologies, innovative solutions and strategically employing these in the development, improvement, and optimization of processes to make better scientific decisions with a purpose towards continuous manufacturing. Before joining our company in 2017, Dr. Jana Mahadevan earned her PhD degree in Biochemistry and received a postdoctoral training in islet cell biology and regenerative-based therapies for rare Endoplasmic reticulum stress-related neurodegenerative diseases at Washington University School of Medicine.

Watch on Demand! A Single-use, scale-down solution for intensified development

Traditional scale-down models lack true perfusion capabilities, therefore not optimum for the perfusion media development process. Mobius® Breez microbioreactors with true perfusion capability are highly predictable to larger scale bioreactors, thus significantly enhancing our current workflow.

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