Vaccines are entering a new era and recently we hosted a virtual event to share insights on market trends, challenges, and potential solutions regarding the future of vaccine manufacturing.

In this On-Demand version of the presentations, key opinion leaders from

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
, Hileman Laboratories Singapore, Baylor College of Medicine or Biofarma, provide a fascinating story of the behind of the scenes development of the recent pandemic and how long-term collaboration to optimize a neglected tropical disease vaccine platform transformed into the COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

mRNA Process and Cost Modeling: A Tool to Optimize Process Development

mRNA technology has proven to enable rapid drug development. mRNA is an attractive modality to work with because of its relative simplicity compared to other biologics; it is wholly synthetic and does not require cellular materials.

Key Benefits of PCR-based mRNA manufacturing for clinical development

mRNA technology offers many opportunities but the development and manufacturing of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics present a number of challenges. Learn more about the opportunities of the mRNA technology and how to overcome drug development and manufacturing challenges to bring your mRNA-based therapies to market in this first webinar.

How to model the Economics of Vaccine Manufacturing

This whitepaper describes the development and use of a cost model encompassing capital, labor, materials, consumables, and other costs, which are five key parameters of manufacturing for a variety of vaccine modalities: vaccines which use inactivated and attenuated viruses, protein subunit vaccines, virus-like particles (VLP) vaccines, Viral vector vaccines, and mRNA vaccines.

Want to Increase your pDNA purity and Yields? Optimize Your pDNA Downstream Purification Process

Get a step-by-step overview of the plasmid DNA manufacturing process and the challenges in pDNA downstream purification, for mRNA, plasmid-based DNA Vaccines, and Viral Vector applications.

Strategies for Ensuring Biomanufacturing Resilience for Biologics

There is consensus among the global health community that long-term collaboration in resilient biomanufacturing capacity and supply chains…

Market Watch & Perspectives on Vaccines Manufacturing in APAC

recently commissioned Economist Intelligence Clearstate, a division of The Economist, to conduct a study on the future of…

What to consider for a modular facility with closed processing

The biopharmaceutical industry trends towards new product classes and smaller batch sizes drives even a greater need for…

Watch on Demand! Advance Scientific Innovation with M Lab™ Collaboration Centers Panel Discussion

Join us for this panel discussion to discover how a large global network of scientific experts, innovative technologies, and non-GMP facilities empower startups to advance scientific innovation through collaborative exploration and learning.

Watch on Demand! 4th Annual Virtual Biotech Startup Symposium

We invite you to the 4th Annual Biotech Start-up Symposium, a free, two-day event to help Biotech Start-ups navigate their path to commercialization. 

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