Vaccines are entering a new era and recently we hosted a virtual event to share insights on market trends, challenges, and potential solutions regarding the future of vaccine manufacturing.

by Carole Inglevert | September 4, 2023


In this On-Demand version of the presentations, key opinion leaders from MilliporeSigma, Hileman Laboratories Singapore, Baylor College of Medicine or Biofarma, provide a fascinating story of the behind of the scenes development of the recent pandemic and how long-term collaboration to optimize a neglected tropical disease vaccine platform transformed into the COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

Additionally, you will learn about:

  • Technical transfer in vaccine manufacturing –  including real world stories on bringing platforms to products
  • Trends and costs in vaccine manufacturing – in both traditional and novel platforms.
  • Applying Quality-by-Design concepts to vaccine manufacturing – finally, we will share information on how Quality by Design (QbD) is applied in vaccine manufacturing, including the principles and application. We will include case studies with a special feature of TFF technologies. Last, but not least, we will discuss the scale-up consideration using the QbD concept.

Be sure to register to view this valuable 2 1/2 hour lecture series

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